Golf Industry Testimonials :

“I first met Kate when I was an LPGA National Education Program (NEP) Instructor in 2009. She was about to embark on founding her Urban Golf Academy. We both became seriously involved with SNAG soon after and had several conversations regarding the evolution of delivering best practices. I have watched Kate grow her company to great heights and have shared stories with stakeholders on her absolute talent at inspiring kids to love golf! This gal is rock solid at what she does and is a blessing to the grass roots of the game.”

-Jody Jackson, Technical Director of Golf, British Columbia Golf

“Kate is totally engaged and student centered and stands out as an instructor who is looking for the uniqueness in people as students. She has a heart full of compassion and caring for others and always strives for excellence. She wants to be an excellent golf player, but more importantly, she wants to be an excellent teacher of the game, and goes the extra mile to do so.”

-Kathy Murphy, Lead Instructor for the LPGA National Education Program Series

“Golf is the game of a lifetime, and Kate’s fun and exciting approach will encourage kids to be involved with it for their lifetime.”

-Kevin Smith, Head Golf Professional, Montauk Downs State Park

“UGA is successful because Kate uses her skills from years in the classroom to compliment her golf instruction. Her innate ability to
understand how children learn best makes Kate a great asset to the golf
instruction industry. Kate makes learning golf skills exciting and she
motivates children to want more. She provides all children the opportunity to learn golf in a safe, energetic, and most importantly a fun atmosphere. If you have the opportunity, let Kate introduce your child to a sport that is ageless, healthy, affordable, and most of all FUN! You will be thrilled you did.”

-Suzy Whaley, PGA/LPGA Professional,  President, PGA

“Kate is a fantastic golf coach and educator. She deeply cares about her students and wants to see them succeed in all areas of their lives. She is dedicated to continually finding new and creative ways to help them achieve their goals. Kate has been a positive and effective influence in the industry to help grow the game of golf. She is the one and only Starting New At Golf (SNAG) Certified Trainer in the United States. This prestigious designation means that Kate is not only able to instruct students with the SNAG Coaching System, a global standard in new learner instruction, but she is also able to train other instructors in the system. We think a lot of Kate, both professionally and personally.”

-Tiffanie Ord, Director of Marketing & Communications, SNAG Golf

“I have the opportunity to work with more than 300 serious, dedicated golf instructors from across North America. This unique vantage point allows me to see where the most interesting ideas for golf instruction are coming from. What Kate is building at her Urban Golf Academy is sorely needed, wonderfully constructed and is definitely one of the most interesting ideas I’ve seen in some time. Kate’s Urban Golf Academy is a big idea that has legs. I’d suggest golf instructors either get involved or stand back, because this could get really big.”

-Lorin Anderson, Executive Director, Proponent Group

“I have known Kate Tempesta as THE Best Golf Instructor, to work with juniors, along with all levels of golfers. Her knowledge and understanding of the game, coupled with her understanding of how each individual learns best, is what sets Kate apart from others. I highly recommend Kate Tempesta’s Urban Golf Academy!”

-Kathy Gook, Director of School Golf, British Columbia

Student & Parent Testimonials:

Logan and the kids had a great time ! It was such a unique experience. Logan was so proud telling his grandparents today. He now has the “golf bug” – we were out playing golf in the yard today again.

-Heather D., mom of Logan

Thank you very much for teaching my daughter the sport of golf.  She has been to other camps, clinics and lessons over the years.  This was the first time she said “I have learned so much and I understand what I am doing, Kate is awesome”    My family and friends were very impressed on how much Paige improved in a few weeks and so was she.  Kate connects with her students, teaches them according to their skill level and makes learning golf fun and enjoyable.  Paige is looking forward to being a student next summer at your Urban Golf Academy.

All good things must come to an end…but not so!  Your practice app is awesome!  Paige is now equipped to enter the fall with a plan and a program- thank you Kate, that she can adjust to her daily schedule and practice at home in our back yard.  She is loving golf more than ever.  This has been the best instruction academy experience we have ever experienced.
–Honora H., mom of Paige H., Summer 2018 Montauk Downs camper

All three of our boys have been in Kate’s program at Montauk Downs for the past three weeks. This is truly the best summer program we have ever experienced. I am thrilled that the boys are learning real skills – tennis and golf – from true
professionals. Kate’s program is exceptional. Bu the best part? The boys are having a BALL! Their daily “rave reviews” of the hours they spend with Kate and her crew make my day. Thank you Kate! If you are anywhere near Montauk in the summer, this program is a must!

–Paige West, mom of Charlie, Fred & Jack, Summer 2012 Montauk Downs camper

I love your instruction btw, I can’t believe how Brody was able to get such good form as a 6 yo! We will look into classes over the summer and into the Fall.

-Joni G., Brody’s mom, Spring 2013 student

Kids don’t lie when they are passionate, engaged, having fun and insist on going to their thing. I am grateful for all of the vision, commitment and tireless work that it takes to manifest something like this! It is truly rare and I believe will make a profound difference in these young people’s lives.

-Matt Goldman father of Rhyus, Summer 2012-2018 Montauk Downs Evening Eagle, co-founder Blue School,

“Run don’t walk to this class. My six-year-old son has not only learned golf he has learned about good sportsmanship. Every game incorporates golf and a child’s desire to play. There is never a fight to go to this class.”

-Beth Pilchik, mom of Miles.

“Kate Tempesta has been our daughters’ Emma (age-10) and Claire(age-8) junior golf instructor for the past four summers at the Montauk Downs State Golf Course. During that time she has demonstrated the enthusiasm and creativity needed to make golf a fun and interesting sport for children. Kate also has excellent understanding of the mechanics of a golf swing. She has used fun and interesting skill building activities to give our daughters a solid foundation to build their golf game on. Kate’s attention to detail combined with her sunny attitude have made her a great instructor for our children.”

-Donald and Jennifer Roane,

“Kate is a born teacher who I’m convinced could teach anybody how to do anything. I feel lucky that she taught me how to swing a club because she knows how to make learning a sport, which can be a frustrating experience, FUN. We always have lots of laughs, and she really gave me the tools to play well. In no time, I was equipped to join friends who were far more experienced than me without embarrassing myself.”

-Ellen T. White, adult student

“I am so happy to have found Kate’s Urban Golf Academy because of the Big-Picture Golf it offers to her students. Yes, the kids are learning the fundamentals and etiquette of golf, but there is also a tremendous amount of creative play, exploration, problem-solving and discovery about life present in the classes as well. Kate’s training and experience in early childhood development and her engaging personality give Kate the expertise to connect and communicate effectively with the children – she speaks their language. Kate is also terrific at tuning in to the energy of the class and using that to guide and shape the lessons. SNAG equipment is ideal for kids and anyone new to golf and allows for indoor lessons as well as those outdoors. The smaller indoor setting during winter months is a comfortable space in which to introduce a new activity and mindset for playing. It also provides a safe place to nurture exploration and hone new skills. Above all, Kate Tempesta’s golf class is fun!”

-Becke, mother of Graydon, age 7, 2011 and 2012 student

“Kate is an excellent teacher and mentor, whom has a great love for the game of golf. Her passion for what she does makes everyone she surrounds experience that same feeling. Her expertise has made me enjoy the game of golf so much more and has made me put the same effort as I do in golf in all other aspects of my life. Kate is a great mentor and an awesome person.”

-Carly, at age 15 (now 18 and an assistant instructor during the summer)

“Kate’s method of teaching kinesthetically sinks in in a way that doesn’t when material is presented on a chalkboard. The kids don’t even realize they’re learning, and they’re completely relaxed around her. She really brought Jack out of his shell.”

-Meaghan, mother of Jack

After School & Camp Program Testimonials:

I have been in incredibly impressed with the golf program run by KTUGA. The instructors, especially Matt Sweet are knowledgeable and have an excellent ability to relate to children and get the most out of them. I love the energy that the instructors bring as well as their creativity in fiddling numerous ways to teach golf fundamentals in a fun and entertaining way. All of our kids that have taken the class have truly enjoyed it and their parents have been just as happy with both the results and the overall experience that their children have had. I would recommend this program to any school looking to add golf as I could not be happier with my overall experience with KTUGA.

-Gus Orienstein, Director of Athletics, The Mandell School,

We were very pleased with the classes. All the campers were active and engaged when they were at golf. There was no standing around which is exactly what we were looking for. We also liked the fact that it was fun and interesting. There was always a “hook”, such as the target suit the counselors wore, that made the campers interested.

-Doug Volan, Owner/Director Mount Tom Day Camp,

Your class is truly enriching. I appreciate that you all arrive on time and that you use your time with the kids is fun and productive. When I observe the class, I see that the kids are engaged and into their lesson, which is challenging for kids so young. You all are polite and enthusiastic, and I hope that you all stick around. It’s truly a pleasure working with you.

-Chuck Nwoke, Director of Packer Plus, The Packer Collegiate School After School Program,