Adam Raymond

Favorite aspect of KTUGA: “I love to hear parents that tell me their son or daughter has been talking all week long about how great golf class is.”

Adam Raymond joined KTUGA in 2014 and quickly became an integral part of the team. Adam has a strong work ethic, a fierce commitment to KTUGA’s growth, and is an all-around natural leader. In addition to serving as a Lead Coach, Adam also assists on our marketing team. Prior to coaching young children how to play and love the game of golf, Adam attended Pace University where he received a B.A. in Marketing. He also previously worked as a commercial fisherman in Massachusetts for over a decade. When Adam is not occupied empowering students, he enjoys cooking, reading, and spending time with his family.

Lawrence Rotundo

Favorite aspect of KTUGA: “My favorite aspect of KTUGA is watching the kids discover what they’re capable of.”

Lawrence Rotundo joined KTUGA in 2015. Before coming to us, Lawrence graduated from Ithaca College with a B.S. in Therapeutic Recreation. Lawrence has accrued invaluable experience working with children through many organized sports and games. Lawrence is a personal trainer, specifically cardiovascular and endurance training across all disciplines and sports. He is a league certified cycling instructor with the League of American Bicyclists. He specializes in urban rides, single speed riding, BMX racing, 24” BMX race/ cruising. Prior to these opportunities, Lawrence worked with Bike New York, as a recreation therapist at NYSPI, and he has experience with inpatient/outpatient child and adolescent mental health.

Fiona Puyo

Favorite Aspect of KTUGA: ” Golf is a great game and can be lots of fun for the kids. KTUGA has developed a unique way to teach the kids the game of Golf in a language they understand. It is enjoyable to see how learning and fun are being combined and how this leads to so much joy and special moments in class.”

Fiona Puyo joined KTUGA in November of 2017. After winning the French Amateur Championship in 2011, Fiona finished College and went on to play Golf professionally for 5 years on the Ladies European Tour (LET) as well as the LPGA Symetra Tour. During the Tour’s Junior Clinics, Fiona discovered her talent for coaching and teaching children, and became an approachable ambassador of children’s golf.

Fiona believes Golf is a unique way to build bridges between worlds and overcome differences even more so at an early age. So, Fiona seeks to share her experiences with young golfers to create lasting, memorable moments. Fiona is driven to help children see that Golf is first, and foremost, a game to enjoy.

When Fiona is not coaching she loves to surf, sail, play piano or saxophone, cook, read, and travel the world to discover new places and cultures.

Ian Lynch

Favorite Aspect of KTUGA: “Our mission to make golf fun and accessible to a wide range of kids of various ages and backgrounds. What makes the experience of working with kids even greater is sparking their curiosity and imagination, helping them to learn the fundamentals of the game in a way that is enjoyable rather than monotonous.”

 Ian Lynch joined KTUGA the summer of  2016. Ian is an aspiring filmmaker and writer, as well as an avid golfer. Ian combines his creative and technical experiences from Colgate University where he played on the Varsity Golf Team while pursuing a major in Creative Writing. An optimist who seeks out creative solutions to every problem, Ian brings this positive energy and philosophy into every class to foster an exciting, open, fun, and safe environment for future generations to learn the game of golf.

Ian’s vision for every class is to strike a balance between fun, creative games for the children to enjoy while providing enough structure to ensure that every child gets the most out of every lesson.

In his free time, Ian loves to play golf, work on screenplays, read, record film, and watch movies such as The Empire Strikes Back, while enjoying his favorite candy, Milky Way.

Cassie Hall

Favorite aspect of KTUGA: “Empowering children through such a powerful game. Pursuing golf at such a young age taught me that handwork does pay off. With KTUGA, I hope to pass on these same values and passions to as many children as possible, and show them how much they can learn from the game, and especially how much FUN the game is!”

Cassie Hall has been with KTUGA since May 2018 and brings an extensive background in golf to our team. Her passion for the sport began at a young age, and this early exposure gave Cassie the confidence and perseverance to pursue it throughout her childhood and school years. She worked not only as a golf camp counselor, but also from 7th grade on was a member of her school’s varsity golf team, where she eventually became a five-time All County and two-time All State player in New York.

Naturally outgoing, upbeat, and dedicated, Cassie believes that the positive values of golf help her young students connect to the game and to each other, to feel empowered, and most of all to have fun.

Cassie is currently a marketing major at Fordham University in the Gabelli School of Business, where her golf team placed second out of 108 in the school’s annual Consulting Cup Challenge. When she’s not in school or on the golf course, Cassie loves to play the piano, explore New York City, travel, and meet new people.

Brent Doyle

Favorite Aspect of KTUGA: “Having the distinction of being a part of so many children’s physiological development; it is extremely rewarding to help guide young adults along the road of their athletic ontogeny.”

Brent Doyle has been a part of the KTUGA team since 2012. A native of Minnesota and a graduate of the University of Minnesota with a degree in Theatre Arts, Brent worked with education groups in the Twin Cities that provided classes and performance-based seminars on racial, gender and cultural diversity to both children and adults. When Brent isn’t teaching students how to play golf using widely creative techniques, he loves to bury old baseball cards (with short notes attached) in random places throughout the city.

Maggie Zhang

Favorite Aspect of KTUGA: I love how the holistic teaching style and curriculum at KTUGA has made the game of golf accessible for anyone and everyone”

Maggie has been with KTUGA since the Fall of 2017. She is currently at New York University studying Applied Psychology and is super interested in early childhood development and interventions. During the summer of 2017, Maggie worked at Brooklyn Nature Days; A forest camp in Brooklyn for kids ranging from ages one to eight years. Maggie has also taught environmental science to second graders through a club at NYU called Sprout Up, and she is currently part of a research team that studies how certain aspects of an environment,such as stress or bilingualism, impact infancy development. Maggie’s main goal for every KTUGA class is to create an open environment where kids feel free to express themselves and grow as golfers, as well as people. In her free time, Maggie enjoys playing golf, figure skating, cooking, dancing and reading in her spare time.

Rachel Aspenleiter

Favorite Aspect of KTUGA: “My favorite part about KTUGA in Montauk is the strong sense of community.”

Rachel Aspenleiter has been KTUGA coach with our Montauk Summer Season Program for 4 years. Currently, Rachel attends Pace University for Childhood Education with a concentration in Mathematics in Westchester, New York. When Rachel is not immersed in her studies, she loves to go on runs within and outside the New York City area.

Zoe Lazar

Favorite Aspect of KTUGA: “I love how much golf has taught me about myself and teaching others. Not to mention all of the amazing friendships and experiences KTUGA has given me.

Zoe Lazar has been involved with KTUGA since 2009 when she was a student of the Academy. She has grown to become an amazing Assistant Coach for our Montauk Summer Season Program for four years. Zoe is a native New Yorker and is currently a student in New York City. Nine years with KTUGA has left Zoe with countless favorite moments and memories. When Zoe isn’t immersed in her studies and the game of golf, she loves baking, the beach, and exploring NYC. In general, she “loves to have FUN!”