UGA uses a PLAYbased approach when teaching the game of golf. Through our lovable mascot, Birdie, her stories, adventures and Birdie-eims we can connect children to the fundamentals of the sport in a deep and meaningful way. Our classes are designed to empower children both on and off the course while cultivating a love for the game of golf.

Our unique program lets children explore the game of golf in a safe, secure, and nurturing environment. We use a variety of specially designed equipment, including the Littlest Golfer, SNAG, ShortGolf, Birdie Ball, and USKG clubs to focus on skill development while having FUN.

We introduce golf fundamentals through what we call Birdie-isms. These are fun memorable metaphors that introduce the below concepts in ways that make sense to young children.

  • Grip
  • Aim and Alignment
  • Stance
  • Posture

In the golf world these fundamentals are know as GASP. In our classes, we teach these fundamentals through our own unique version of the same acronym:

  • The Games that we use to teach golf concepts
  • The Attitude and energy our coaches bring to every class
  • The Success for which we set each child up
  • The powerful use of Play we use to teach young children

Weekly classes in the UGA curriculum are offered at different levels 

  • Early Birdies (ages 3 and 4)
  • Birdies  (ages 5-7)

No matter what level your child is at we take pride in our holistic approach to golf skill development.

Please note: Age ranges for different levels are guidelines only. Children learn in different ways and at difference paces and we honor these differences. All classes have a low student to coach ratio to ensure that proper individual attention is provided to each student.

Early Birdies Classes

In the Early Birdies classes students discover and explore while we introduce the game of golf in an environment that is dynamic and child-centered. Our Early Birdies cultivate their excitement for the game while developing the necessary physical and golf-specific skills that enhance their enjoyment of the sport.

Early Birdies classes are 50 minutes long and are filled with fun, golf-focused activities that capture students’ interest and keep them coming back for more.  Through our emphasis of PLAYful learning, we engage and motivate children in ways that enhance developmental outcomes and life-long learning.  Children can and are encouraged to repeat this program several times. For young children, repetition is essential to acquire the skills for success. Each lesson in our program has clear learning objectives and is fun, fresh, and engaging.  Every session includes time to reflect on what students have learned.

Birdies Classes

Our Birdies classes are geared toward children at least 5 years of age. These classes are 60 minutes long and build upon, extend and enrich the fundamental golf and movement skills, and methodologies taught in the Early Birdies classes.

We continue to nurture students’ love for golf and delve deeper into key concepts including pre-shot routine, scoring, club selection and course management. These classes include activities and exercises that reinforce and challenge students’ developing skills. Students are encouraged to internalize their progress and make connections, as well as develop confidence in what they are doing. Of course we do all of this while maintaining our mantra of FUN.

Notes on our Indoor Classes

UGA started in a 950 sq ft room. It wasn’t until two years later it was brought outside into the expanse of Central Park. Indoor settings provide a multitude of teachable moments and throughout the UGA program children are swinging into “shadow screens”, chipping through hula hoops, putting down the “train tracks” laid out with masking tape, and, most importantly, using their creativity and imagination to enjoy golf.