Thursday, June 20, 2013

UGA Named one of the “Best Places For Kids to Take Golf Lessons in New York City”

We were thrilled to be top listing for in their article “Best Places for Kids to Take Golf Lessons in New York City”. Posted Monday, June 17, 2013 by Judy C

For my five-year old son, golf quickly became the sport of choice for him thanks in part to a great afterschool experience he had with the Urban Golf Academy. Created by Kate Tempesta, a former private school teacher of creative movement, children from the age of 4 are taught out-of-the-box activities to help them learn the basics of golf like putting and chipping. Tempesta uses her movement experience along with music and props to get students to use their own imagination when teaching them golf technique basics as well as life lessons such as teamwork and cooperation.

Special review: Having first-hand experience of watching my child in action through this program, I can tell you that they really do learn a lot in these classes. He’s participated in this afterschool program for more than a year and his coach has told me on a number of occasions that when he enters the gym, no matter how hyped-up he is, once they start the lesson he goes full Zen mode and really gets into the game. I say anything that can do that to a very excitable, active 5-year old is well worth the investment! Funny enough, besides Sponge Bob Squarepants, the Golf Channel is his favorite thing to watch on T.V.!

How it works
Golf classes are divided into three age groups: Early birdies (ages 4-6); Birdies (ages 7- 11); and Eagles (ages 12+). In addition to afterschool programs, seasonal camps, and private lessons, classes are also held at a number of indoor and outdoor locations throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn. Special summer classes are also offered at Montauk Downs in the Hamptons.
Students learn all the fundamentals of golf including everything from how to hold a golf club, proper swing posture and stance, and accurate foot alignment for beginners to pre-shot routine, clubface, scoring, club selection, and course management for the older golfers. Early Birdie and Birdie classes are typically 50 minutes while Eagle classes are typically 75 minutes. Group and private lessons are also available throughout the year. For registration and pricing information please see the class schedule on the Urban Golf Academy website.

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